Here are just some of the things Matt has achieved over the years:

2011 Runner Up

As Marketer of the year in Chicago at the Dan Kennedy super
conference – an event attended by thousands of top marketers
from all over the world.

2011 Marketer of the Year

At renowned Millionaire Maker Mal Emery’s
Streetsmart business school.

2011 Gold Coast

Young Entrepreneur of the year nominee

2011 BRW Top 100

His companies’ growth averaged 58% per annum during a
recession. This would place Matt and his business in the
BRW top 100 at position 57 – not bad for a high school

In 2011 29th Fastest Growing Company

In 2011 he was named Smart Company’s 29th
fastest growing company, in their 50 growing
companies list.

Built Up Several Businesses

Built up several businesses and sold some
of them for multi-million dollar price tags.

High Level Marketer

Has invested over $3,000,000 of his own money in
advertising and marketing, so he knows what works
and what doesn’t.


Owns and oversees his own retail stores

2019 Invited to Speak

Invited to speak at the war room conference
Laguna Beach, California USA

2019 Crowd Speaker

Organised speaking in front of his audience
Las Vegas Nevada, Los Angeles California, USA

Considerable Staff Management Experience

Having hired, fired, kept and managed over 272 staff

Extensive importing experience

Bringing in millions of dollars’ worth of stock each year from China,
Africa, Indonesia, Canada, the U.S.A. and Vietnam

Business Coach

Provides business coaching services to
small businesses of all different types

Street Savvy

Within 12 months has selectively won multi-million dollar
government contracts away from competitors
who have been in business for over 20 years.

Founder of The Quality Tradies Association

The only trade association who focuses on helping
trades build their business

2013 Mal Emery

Invited by Mal Emery to speak in front of his
business school members on several occasions,
covering off on direct marketing and direct mail

2013 Internet Secrets

Invited by our internet secrets to speak about
direct marketing and direct marketing systems

2014 Texas, U.S.A

Invited to Texas, U.S.A., to speak in front of 2000
of the world’s best and brightest marketers, once
again to show and tell how to build out and
create and a profitable marketing system and
profitable business

2017 Invited to Speak

Invited to speak at the
International Business Builders Conference